What is the Best Toy to Help Your Baby Walk? (Top 7 Picks)

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So, your child has mastered standing and is now around the house on his own two feet while clutching the coffee table, couch, chair, etc. Now, it seems that he will soon take his first few hesitant steps without assistance.


A walking toy may enhance his confidence by providing him with something to grab onto as he moves from one to another, improve his balance, and assist him in figuring out the physical logistics of placing one foot in front of the other.


We have compiled some of the best toys to help your baby make his first steps in this article.


Keep reading to find out more.


7 Best Toys to Help Your Baby Walk

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1. Bright Starts Push Toy


This shopping trolley push toy is a great fun toy for infants and toddlers learning to walk and has shown an interest in grocery stores. This toy includes activities for infants between 6 months and 36 months after birth, allowing them to drive the cart when they begin walking or interact with the stand-alone activity panel while they are smaller. The bundled toy shapes and noise-making popcorn maker will delight infants.



This toy is quite light when the shopping cart is empty; adding anything may assist in making it heavier. View it on Amazon.


2. Vtech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker


This baby walker is the ideal cart-like toy for your child to practice pushing about as they learn to walk. It will be ideal for searching for a walking toy with light-up and musical capabilities. This light-up and musical toy are convertible into a simple floor activity panel for infants.



This toy is appropriate for youngsters ranging in age from 9 months to 3 years. Find it on Amazon.


3. Cossy Wooden Walker


If you’re searching for a straightforward wooden walker for your child, the Cossy wooden walker is an excellent option. This walker, made of natural materials and has a multicolored block puzzle on the inside, is great if you want to keep your child away from highly stimulating or loud kid toys.



This cart is intended for infants older than 12 months of age. Find it on Amazon.


4. Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Walker


This walker, which includes sensory-stimulating elements such as a flower mirror, spinning balls, and a bead bar, may aid with your baby’s sensory and motor development as they walk. It is a multi-functional toy that can be used as a fun activity walker for infants and a push-toy for toddlers learning to walk.


It is made of durable plastic and may be used inside or outdoors. This walker also features a small design that allows it to be readily folded up and stowed, which is a great advantage if you only have limited storage space.



This walker is intended for youngsters weighing between 15 and 26 pounds and standing at less than 32 inches. Available on Amazon.


5. Bright Starts 3-in-1 Activity Center


Bright 3-in-1 Activity Center is an excellent alternative for infants, but it is also suitable for older children. This activity station provides a baby seat appropriate for infants as young as six months and assists them in getting used to standing and walking independently. 


The accompanying baby seat stays attached to the activity station, enabling the infant to turn and practice walking while remaining mobile. Additionally, the infant seat is removable to turn this play station into a table for older toddlers.



It is not advised to leave infants unsupervised in their walker seats; always monitor infants. Purchased on Amazon.


6. Kiddery Toys Wooden Push and Pull Walker


This item is so much more than a simple pull-along wagon. It provides a mirror, a xylophone, textured wood, and wooden forms, among other things. This push-and-pull toy is multipurpose and can readily occupy infants older than one year with its entertainment. 


Wooden toys are visually beautiful and a more natural alternative to plastic toys. This wooden cart is an excellent recreation of a classic walking cart.



This toy is suggested for infants older than 12 months. View it on Amazon.


7. Fisher Laugh and Learn Stride-to-Ride


Babies and older infants will enjoy this puppy-themed push toy. It begins as a balance toy for infants learning to walk and transforms into a ride-on for toddlers. Any toy that can outlast your child’s childhood is beneficial, considering that you’re certain to receive lots of usages.



Your baby can’t steer this toy; they can only push it in a straight line. Find it on Amazon.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Help My Baby Walk Better?


Be behind your kid, wrap your hands over their upper arms, and pull them to their feet. Continue walking with your child until they are ready to stop.


Why Do Babies Walk Late?


Occasionally, delayed walking is induced by foot or leg ailments, such as developing hip dysplasia, rickets, or disorders that alter muscle tones, such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Consult your physician if your infant appears to be limping or if the legs look weak or uneven.


Can a Baby Walk at Eight Months?


Your kid’s first steps might arrive as early as eight months or as late as halfway through their second year. But you’ll know when it’s about to happen since your kid will have been cruising and attempting to balance for some time.


Do Babies Say Mama or Dada First?


It is common for children to identify with their fathers as soon as they are born. The emergence of the word “mama” frequently follows that of “dada” and signifies that the youngster is beginning to use words to describe the things they see every day.


Final Thoughts


Walking and push toys are not intended to encourage your child to walk sooner. Your infant will begin standing and walking appropriately, but the pushcart may help them exercise more often. Before putting your infant in a walker toy, do extensive research and observe safe restrictions and constant supervision. 


Baby walkers are a pleasant and instructive exercise for infants and toddlers and may aid in developing their senses. For additional safety, have your toddler push their walking toy on carpet or grass to provide a soft or cushioned surface if they fall.

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